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Regardless of the size of the job, we will realize


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Perimeter Contracting offers over 20 years of experience and skill in Architecture, Carpentry and Customer Service, to their clients in the City of London, Ontario and surrounding areas. Perimeter Contracting was created in 2010 from the combined background experience of working with Architects Engineers, General Contractors, and skilled trades. Our experienced employees take pride in their workmanship and use their positive attitudes, good nature, and exceptional carpentry skills to provide our clients with a beautiful finished product.  In addition they strive to:

  do work they are proud of - build it like it was their own
  be polite and courteous - enhancing the clients experience
  listen to and address any clients questions or concerns - allowing for clarity, precision and attention to detail when completing tasks

Perimeter Contracting adheres to 5 core values that form our mission in our everyday duties and activity :

1. Provide our clients with a top quality design, product and service that suits their needs.

2. Offer cre​ative designs and a high level of craftsmanship for all projects regardless of size.

3. Communicate timely and effectively for great results.

4. Maintain a clean working area to minimize interruptions and maintain safety.

5. We work together!  We support each other! We love what we do! And it shows!